Reusable Glass Water Bottle


by Kuratere


Water Bottle brought to you by Kuratere. 

17oz - Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

This reusable, elegant and sleek glass water bottle is the perfect addition to your modern, simple and minimalist aesthetic. 

A pure, white silicone covers the high borosilicate glass to protect it for travel. Use the water bottle at the office, school, university or on the go. 

Made with BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Cadmium free materials, this water bottle is made entirely out of high borosilicate glass with a silicone cover. Glass has no added chemicals from plastics or metals, and does not alter the taste of your drink. It's also able to withstand extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures!

Our bottles are designed with the environment in mind. Reusable, eco-friendly, non-toxic bottles that are built to last a lifetime. The bottles are also easy to clean! 


SAFE & STURDY - BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Cadmium free. No added chemicals from plastic or metal. High Borosilicate glass is extreme temperature resistant. The Bamboo lid is also sealed, leak proof!

SLEEK & SIMPLE - Our glass bottles feature a minimal, clean, sleek and simple design. Designed in California, these glass bottles are the perfect companion for any stylish accessories.

REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY - Non-toxic, reusable forever, these water bottles are built to last. The silicone cover protects the glass and helps insulate the bottle. Help the environment by replacing your disposable bottles and plastic bottles. They also are easy to clean and dishwasher Safe.

MADE BY KURATERE - Our extreme diligence in quality control, design and aesthetic ensure that you will be receiving a product that works great, feels good and is simple and sweet.

TRAVEL READY - This bottle makes a great on the go water bottle! Perfect for school, coffee shops, day trips to into the city and more. Show off your modern and minimal design anywhere you go!

Designed in California by Kuratere.