8 Ways Interior Design Can Improve Your Mental Health

The way we live matters. In this post we are going to highlight a few simple ways to improve your overall mood and mental health just by moving some things around in your house.

It may sound strange, but the enviornment we live in has a huge impact on our mental health. A lot of the things we do can be destructive and damaging to our subconscious, even though it is a habit or way of life we are used to. After looking at a lot of research, we are laying out 8 simple things you can do today to change your living space for the better.


1 Clean Up & Start Fresh

If you are going to make changes to the way you live, you need to have a blank slate to work with. Start out by picking up dirty laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning up floors and countertops and making sure any clutter has been removed. A way to destress quickly is to pick up and make sure the space around you is clean and free of any unnecessary stuff or clutter. It's easy, but no one does this enough!

2 Bring the Outside In

They do take some watering and a little sunlight, but having plants in the home is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and boost your overall mood. So if you want something challenging like a bonsai, some low maintenance plants like succulents, or you want to grab a nice fake plant that never needs to be watered, adding some green to your space will have a hugely positive impact on you and your space.

3 Light It Up

Having light in your house in one thing. Lighting your house properly is another thing completely. The psychology behind light is incredibly complex and we can't get into that in this article, but one good thing to know is that where you place your lights matter. Ceiling lights and tall lamps are great, but having light sources closer to the ground can actually make you feel much cozier and more secure in your home. A great cheap way to achieve this cozy feel is with floor lights and candles. You'll feel a huge difference with ambient lighting next time you kick back to relax and watch a movie.

4 Soak Up Some Sun

People feel the happiest when they are in a light, airy and open feeling space. Having a dimly lit room with dark colored walls will be a mood killer for anyone. Whether you have to paint a wall a lighter color, or simply crack open your windows. Letting in natural light will have a huge impact on your mood.

There's some pretty simple science behind this. Your body needs Vitamin D, and you get Vitamin D from sunlight.

If you don't want to paint a wall or your windows are small, there are some other things you can do. One is getting some mirrors in the room to bounce around the light that is in the space.

5 Smell Good

The human brain has a huge reliance on smell. It makes up 80% of your tasting experience and familiar smells can bring back memories or past experiences. The easiest way to do this is with candles.

Yes it feels strange to set something on fire immediately after buying it, but different scents can help you in different ways:

Lavender helps with sleep

Cinnamon keeps you alert

Citrus boosts energy

Pine calms you down

6 Get Colorful...

Color psychology is complex and not an exact science, but there are some pretty basic principals on what colors are associated with:

Red - High energy and power

Orange - Warm, inviting and joyful

Yellow - Optimism, brightness and cheer

Green - Renewal, life, refreshment, balance and peace

Blue - Rest and calm

Violet - Problem solving, creativity, and artistic ability

With these basic ideas in mind, take a look at the places you go on a day to day basis. Be aware of the colors in these places and check how they make you feel. From there, take that process back into the home and think about what color you may want to change a room to. A few quick ways to make color changes to rooms are getting a new rug, buying new linens, getting blankets or a sofa cover and artwork.

7 But Color Coordinate!

Color is good but too much color in an unorganized manner can be VERY stressful. Keep this in mind as you go about decorating rooms and try to keep colors similar or use matching color palettes. It may even be helpful for you to settle on a color scheme for a room before you set to decorating.

8 Purge

A great rule to live by is the 3 month rule. Take a look at your things and ask yourself, "have I used this in the last 3 months?" If the answer to that question is no then throw it out! We hold onto things telling ourselves that one day soon we will use it! But more often than not that day never comes. I try to go through my things with this rule in mind ever 3 or 6 months and it has been so helpful in my decluttering process!

These are just a few basic ideas but if you follow them you will be well on your way to having a much more calming living space that will help you feel much more relaxed and at ease!

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